Wednesday, February 08, 2017

NYT Fake News on Ukraine

NYT Fake News on Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout nearly three years of Kiev’s on-and-off aggression on Donbass, The Times served as a virtual mouthpiece for its putschist regime.

Disinformation substitutes for real news - the way it misreports on all virtually all issues, especially geopolitical ones. 

On January 29, Kiev forces escalated conflict on Donbass, naked aggression by any standard, war without mercy, mostly affecting civilians, replicating what it launched in 2014, continued in 2015, its forces handed a stunning defeat.

Clear Trump policy on the conflict  isn’t yet known. The Times drew its own conclusions like earlier, blaming victims for state-sponsored aggression.

It quoted the Ukraine foreign ministry’s Big Lie, claiming “the Russian occupation forces carried out massive attacks across the line.”

Fact: No “Russian occupation forces” exist. Donbass freedom fighters scrupulously observed Minsk ceasefire terms until forced to respond to naked Kiev aggression.

The Times: “(T)he Ukrainian army has in places given ground after separatist attacks,” citing Kiev’s interior ministry.

Fact: “The Ukrainian army” escalated conflict by shelling Donetsk communities daily, killing and injuring civilians like earlier.

The Times: “(F)ighting enraged Ukrainians who had gathered for a funeral procession for slain soldiers on Kiev’s Independence Square, the site of the 2014 revolution.”

Fact: Ukrainians are furious about the Kiev regime, sending their sons to die or be wounded in Donbass, angry over its authorities waging war on their own people.

Fact: No 2014 revolution occurred. A US-orchestrated coup replaced democracy with fascist tyranny.

The Times: Moscow has denied involvement in the three-year conflict, despite evidence that it has provided equipment and fighters to support separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.”

Fact: False! No evidence suggests Russian involvement. None of its “fighters” are in Donbass - other than small numbers of volunteer former military members, acting on their own volition.

The Times is no exemplar of high-mindedness, no model of journalistic ethics and integrity, no champion of moral principles and righteousness, no truth-teller the way journalism is supposed to be.

No “Russian aggression” exists. No “little green men” operate illegally abroad. No Moscow “land grab” occurred in Crimea.

The Times sank to a new low in reporting on Ukraine, Syria and America’s 2015-16 presidential campaign and aftermath. It’s a lying machine, not a publisher of real news and information on issues mattering most.

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