Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Cold War Never Ended, Says Lavrov

The Cold War Never Ended, Says Lavrov

by Stephen Lendman

Longstanding US policy aims to keep Russia marginalized, weakened, destabilized, contained and isolated.

Regime change is Washington’s ultimate aim, a prescription for continued adversarial relations, heightened under Obama, Trump’s intentions yet to be revealed, other than lip service promises for improving things - not so far, likely not at all in ways mattering most.

Speaking at the Munich Conference on Security Policy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the Cold War never ended. 

Indeed not with Vice President Pence telling Munich conference participants Washington will “hold Russia accountable” - a clear expression of continued adversarial relations.

US-dominated NATO remains hostile, unwilling to resume military cooperation with Moscow, a “regretful” situation fraught with risks.

Alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg takes orders from Washington. Meeting with Lavrov on Friday, he declined to east tensions between member states and Moscow.

At the Munich conference in 2007, Vladimir Putin explained disastrous US unipolar policies. Lavrov said a unipolar world system isn’t viable longterm.

The world community must make responsible choices. Present conditions are untenable.

We do not agree categorically with those, who accuse Russia and new centers of global influence of attempts to undermine the so-called liberal world order,” said Lavrov. 

“Crisis of this model of the world was programmed even when the concept of economic and political globalization was invented mostly as an instrument to provide growth of the elite club of countries and its dominating all the others.”

Lavrov said Moscow abhors Europe’s failure to overcome Russophobia, common sense sacrificed, mutual cooperation impossible under these conditions.

He stressed the importance of pressuring Kiev to observe Minsk ceasefire terms. Diplomacy is the only way to resolve ongoing conflict.

“What relations are we expecting with the US,” he asked? “Potential of cooperation in politics, economy, humanitarian sphere is huge, but it is still to be used. We are open to it as much as the US is ready.”

No credible evidence corroborates accusations made against Russia. Plenty “point(s) to the other direction to the source of that illegal activity.”

His comment needs no further elaboration. Russia seeks confrontation with no one, Lavrov stressed. At the same time, it’s prepared to protect its security and interests as needed.

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