Saturday, February 04, 2017

WaPo Urges Piling on Iran

WaPo Urges Piling on Iran

by Stephen Lendman

Longstanding US hostility toward Iran is all about its sovereign independence in a region where Washington and Israel want all rivals to their hegemony eliminated.

It has nothing to do with Iranian policies, except ones countering US, NATO and Israeli support for terrorism, Tehran allied with Russia an effective countering force.

The neocon, CIA-connected Washington Post praised Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for putting Iran on notice, as well as new US sanctions imposed - illegal like earlier ones other than by the Security Council.

WaPo: Iran “continues to seek hegemony in the Middle East at American expense.”

Fact: Iran seeks mutual cooperation with all nations; seeks peace and stability, not war; seeks no regional hegemony, unlike how America operates worldwide.

WaPo: Tehran’s “medium-range ballistic missiles…are capable of carrying…a nuclear warhead.”

Fact: False! They’re designed only to carry conventional ones. WaPo maliciously lied. Iran’s nuclear program has no military component. It abhors nuclear weapons, wants them all abolished.

WaPo: Putting Iran on notice and imposing more sanctions “is a good thing.”

Fact: It’s a hostile act against a nation threatening no one.

WaPo: “The Trump administration is right to push back against Iranian aggression across the Middle East as well as the missile tests.”

Fact: No Iranian aggression exists, none now or earlier; no state-sponsored terrorism; no threat to any nation regionally or anywhere. It’s missile tests are legitimate, carried out solely for defense.

WaPo: “What is needed (against Iran) are measures to address other pressing threats, including the thousands of Shiite militiamen deployed in Iraq and Syria; Iranian support for Houthi rebels in Yemen; threats to U S ships in the Gulf; and cyberattacks.”

Fact: What rubbish! What’s needed is stopping US aggressive actions in parts of the world not its own, its halting US and Israeli hegemonic ambitions threatening world peace and stability.

WaPo: “…US soldiers and ships deployed across the Middle East could be vulnerable to Iranian reprisals.”

Fact: Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries. It’s not about to start now. At the same time, it’s prepared to defend itself as needed.

WaPo: “Leaving the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad in place will lock in Iranian domination where it matters most.”

Fact: Both countries are longtime allies. They’re sovereign independent states. They respect the rights of other nations. Obama’s naked aggression on Syria is one of history’s great crimes. 

It remains to be seen whether Trump intends continuing or stopping it.

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