Friday, March 24, 2017

Israel's Oppressive Apartheid Regime

Israel’s Oppressive Apartheid Regime

by Stephen Lendman

Israel was created as an apartheid regime - masquerading as democratic, in name only.

Palestinians are viciously persecuted, Israeli Arabs denied rights afforded Jews alone.

Last Sunday, BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti and his wife were lawlessly arrested, detained and interrogated for hours - an effort to harass and intimidate them.

After released from custody, daily Barghouti interrogations continued. Israeli authorities trumped up phony accusations of tax evasion. Oppressive treatment is about wanting him silenced. A BDS National Committee (BNC) statement said the following:

“(P)rominent Palestinian human rights defender and (BDS) co-founder Omar Barghouti has for years been subjected to intense threats, intimidation and repression by various arms of the far-right Israeli government.”

Israeli fascists want BDS “criminalize(d)” and activists like Barghouti silenced. They consider him and the movement a threat to their racist injustice against Palestinians and Arab citizens.

In March 2016, regime ministers threatened Barghouti with “targeted civil elimination” - a euphemism for cold-blooded assassination.

Targeting him and his wife now “must be understood…in this context.” Threatening to revoke his permanent Israeli residence and banning his free travel failed to deter his activism.

He’s unable to travel to America next month to receive the Gandhi Peace Award jointly with Ralph Nader.

“No matter what extreme measures of repression Israel wields against the BDS movement or its human rights defenders and vast network of supporters, it cannot stop this movement for human rights,” said the BNC.

“Bullying and repression can hardly affect a grassroots movement that grows in people’s hearts and minds, empowering them to do the right thing - to stand on the right side of history, against Israel’s fanatic regime of apartheid, occupation and ethnic cleansing, and for freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people.”

“This latest desperate chapter of repression and intimidation by the Israeli government against Omar Barghouti is the strongest indicator yet of the failure of the Israeli regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid to slow down the impressive growth of the BDS movement for Palestinian rights.”

BDS is strong, resilient, growing, operating worldwide and unstoppable. Israeli intimidation and arrests encourage its followers to resist harder.

I’ve been a proud BDS cultural members for years. Resisting tyranny is a universal right - expunging it from America and Israel a goal committed activists seek.

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