Thursday, March 02, 2017

NYT Editors Bash Trump's Foreign Policy for the Wrong Reasons

NYT Editors Bash Trump’s Foreign Policy for the Wrong Reasons

by Stephen Lendman

His domestic and foreign policies warrant serious criticism this early in his tenure. Times editors prefer gratuitous bashing, continuing efforts to delegitimize him pre-and-post-election - vilification substituting for truth and full disclosure, typical of their deplorable misreporting.

Focusing on Trump’s Tuesday congressional address, they correctly said it was short on explaining administration foreign policy - wrongheaded claiming “threats” America faces, none except invented ones as justification for endless imperial wars, raping one country after another.

Times editors: Trump said little “about the very real threats from the Islamic State and other extremist groups.”

Fact: He said plenty about “Islamic terrorism” pre-and-post-election, touching on it during his congressional address.

Fact: He and Times editors ignore their US creation and use as imperial foot soldiers.

Times editors: Trump expressed “no coherent idea about major challenges in Afghanistan and Syria” nor “North Korea…China and Iran got passing mention.”

Fact: Ongoing US wars are naked aggression against nations threatening no one. America’s imperial agenda threatens all nations, not the other way around.

Times editors: “Alarmingly, Mr. Trump appears to have no plans or strategy in parts of the world where American troops are actively engaged.”

Fact: America’s active engagement abroad all too often is all about lawless regime change - by color revolutions or imperial wars.

Times editors: “American forces are playing a crucial role in helping Iraqi troops recapture Mosul from ISIS and are assisting Kurdish and Arab forces in Syria to retake Raqqa.”

Fact: US campaigns in both countries are engaged in destroying their infrastructure, massacring defenseless civilians - aiding, not combating terrorism.

Times editors: “If Mr. Trump has ideas about how to deal with an increasingly aggressive Russia, which the Pentagon considers America’s No. 1 threat, or China, which has become more assertive in the South China Sea, he did not divulge them.” 

“One plausible possibility is that Mr. Trump’s murky ties to Russia, which intelligence agencies say hacked the Democrats in an effort to skew the election on his behalf, has crippled his ability to even talk about Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and its destabilizing behavior in Ukraine, Syria and Europe.”

Fact: No countries threaten America - not Russia, China, Iran or any others.

Fact: The only aggressive ones are America, NATO, Israel and other rogue regional states.

Fact: Accusing Trump of “murky ties to Russia,” claiming its government hacked America’s election, annexed Crimea, and destabilized Ukraine, Syria and Europe is a clear example of fake news - a Times specialty.

Instead of focusing on justifiable criticism of Trump’s agenda so far, Times editors largely invented reasons to bash him - mocking legitimate journalism.

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