Thursday, March 02, 2017

Phony Accusations of Russia Bombing US-Supported Fighters in Syria

Phony Accusations of Russia Bombing US-Supported Fighters in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Commander of US forces operating illegally in Syria and Iraq, General Steven Townsend, falsely accused Russia of bombing US-backed (moderate) terrorists and Kurdish YPG fighters near Turkey’s border.

Moscow’s Defense Ministry categorically denied its warplanes or Syria’s stuck areas claimed by Townsend, saying:

“To avoid any incidents, the US representative has provided exact coordinates of the US-backed opposition forces in the region to a Russian officer.”

“Not a single airstrike on the regions specified by the US side was conducted by Russian or Syrian air forces.”

False US accusations continue stoking tensions. Trump’s pledge about cooperating with Russia in combating terrorism hasn’t materialized.

US terror-bombing focuses on targeting infrastructure in Syria and Iraq, Moscow and Damascus involved in combating terrorism.

Separately, Syria’s Arabic language Al-Watan daily said government forces entered Palmyra, ISIS elements in disarray, retreating in panic, heavily attacked by ground and aerial bombardment.

Fighting continues, much of the area infested with land mines and booby traps. Clearing operations began, slow-going to avoid casualties. 

Palmyra is close to being liberated. Pockets of ISIS resistance remain to be eliminated in northern parts of the city.

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