Monday, March 06, 2017

The NYT Dismisses a Potential Obamagate Scandal

The NYT Dismisses a Potential Obamagate Scandal

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout Obama’s tenure, The Times supported his criminality and other abuses of power - his imperial aggression in multiple theaters, subservience to Wall Street and other corporate favorites, crushing neoliberal harshness harming America’s most vulnerable, and police state ruthlessness.

He let Big Brother spy on everyone legally and illegally at home and abroad - recording our phone and electronic communications with or without judicially authorized warrants.

Is it out of the question to think he did nothing to interfere with Trump’s campaign, including monitoring his communications? One-sidedly supporting Hillary, he wanted him defeated by fair or foul means.

The Times supported her throughout the campaign, operating as her virtual press agent, turning journalism into advocacy, inventing reasons to bash Trump viciously, not letting facts interfere with its all-out effort to defeat him.

Vilifying him continues, a March 5 editorial, saying “(j)ust contemplate the recklessness - the sheer indifference to truth and the moral authority of the American presidency - revealed here: one president baselessly charging criminality by another, all in a childish Twitter rampage.”

Fact: Trump’s accusation is serious, a major abuse of power if proved true. He surely believes it or wouldn’t have gone on a Twitter tirade claiming it.

Fact: Irresponsible Times bluster continues its campaign to delegitimize him, shockingly wanting a sitting president ousted from office, likely seeking revenge for Hillary’s defeat.

Investigations ongoing for months relating to potential unlawful Trump ties to Russia and its banks found nothing so far - a disgraceful witch-hunt to smear him for the wrong reasons, not the right ones.

Conflating Trump’s accusation to nonexistent Russian US election hacking, Times editors claimed “Congress has no credible option but to convene a bipartisan select committee to investigate all questions related to Russian interference in the elections” - even though US intelligence community claims are baseless, no evidence proving them. None exists.

Times editors outrageously urged senior Trump administration officials to reject their boss and resign, saying:

They should stop “lending their names and exposing their reputations to a president with so little regard for democratic institutions, and for the truth” - a despicable statement by a broadsheet contemptuous of truth-telling, a propaganda mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege.

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