Saturday, March 25, 2017

The NYT Downplays Indiscriminate US Mass Slaughter of Civilians

The NYT Downplays Indiscriminate US Mass Slaughter of Civilians

by Stephen Lendman

On Saturday, Turkey’s Anadolu (news) Agency cited Iraqi General Thaer Mosawi, saying over 22,000 Mosul residents were wounded since US-orchestrated combat operations began last October, based on hospital admissions - nearly 4,000 killed since mid-February alone.

Civilians able to flee the city to relative safety report high noncombatant casualties - people as terrified by US terror-bombing as ISIS.

This information flies in the face of Pentagon reports and supportive media scoundrels - ignoring or downplaying ongoing horrors.

Mosul is being systematically raped and destroyed on the phony pretext of liberating the city from ISIS control. Most of its area fighters were relocated to Syria, America and its allies aiding them, using them as imperial foot soldiers, along with other terrorist groups.

In reporting on endless US aggression, The New York Times and other media scoundrels function as virtual Pentagon press agent.

On Friday, The Times headlined “US Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians.”

Fact: The body count reached at least 237. It’s rising as more remains are pulled from rubble.  Maybe three or four hundred were killed from this one incident alone.

Fact: Whenever the Pentagon announces an investigation into one of its attacks killing civilians, whitewash follows every time.

Fact: US rules of engagement consider civilians legitimate targets, flagrantly violating international and constitutional law.

The Times: CENTCOM spokesman “Col. John J. Thomas…said that the military was seeking to determine whether the explosion in Mosul might have been prompted by an American or coalition airstrike, or was a bomb or booby trap placed by the Islamic State.”

Fact: Eyewitnesses blamed the mass slaughter on US terror-bombing, not ISIS. These incidents happen repeatedly, some more severe than others.

Fact: The Pentagon tries shifting blame for its war crimes to others. Media scoundrels fail to hold it accountable for mass slaughter and destruction in all US war theaters.

Devastation wherever America shows up attests to its viciousness. 

The lives and welfare of defenseless civilians don’t matter - nor to media scoundrels largely ignoring appalling human suffering.

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