Friday, March 03, 2017

The NYT Wants Trump Delegitimized and Ousted from Office

The NYT Wants Trump Delegitimized and Ousted from Office

by Stephen Lendman

He won. Hillary lost. It should have ended there. Yet nearly four months post-election, rage against him continues - for the wrong reasons, not the right ones. Legitimate criticism is warranted, gratuitous bashing despicable.

He’s targeted for defeating media darling Hillary and rhetorically wanting improved relations with Russia, along with being an outsider elevated to the nation’s highest office, an unexpected winner last November.

The deplorable NYT is one of his leading bashers. Its editors lied, saying Session had to recuse himself - an act of cowardice when he should have held firm. Trump should have insisted. Instead he offered weak lip service support. 

Speaking with Russia’s envoy to Washington as a Senate Armed Services Committee member was nothing out of the ordinary, for sure not an improper act, no reason for criticism.

Not according to Times editors, falsely saying “he had no other real choice, adding (he) was never in a position to serve as an impartial arbiter of any investigation involving Mr. Trump or his campaign” - instead of responsibly denouncing the ongoing witch-hunt over nothing.

Times editors: “Mr. Sessions’ recusal is only a first necessary step. The second must be the appointment of a special counsel - an independent, nonpartisan actor who can both investigate and prosecute any criminal acts in relation to Russian interference, whether by Mr. Sessions or anyone else. That’s the only way an investigation can have credibility with the public.”

Fact: No evidence suggests Russian US election hacking or criminal acts of any kind. Alleging wrongdoing is all about delegitimizing Trump and Russia bashing, nothing else.

Fact: Unwarranted investigations should stop. Getting a special prosecutor involved over nothing is unjustifiable, a despicable demand, solely a way to keep attacking Trump relentlessly until he falls.

Fact: Times editors are bitter over Hillary’s defeat, maybe conspiring with her and Obama for revenge.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, close Obama aide since his Chicago days, Valerie Jarrett, moved into his new Washington home, two miles from the White House - intended as a “nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump.”

An unnamed Obama family source said he intends using his high profile persona as a former president to challenge Trump. “He is going to be leading the fight and strategy to topple” him.

Expect plenty of help from undemocratic Democrats, The New York Times and other media scoundrels.

Perhaps they’re aiming for endless intelligence community and congressional witch-hunt investigations to remove him - the way Richard Nixon was wrongfully targeted.

The Watergate scandal was blown way out of proportion, no justification for forcing his resignation to avoid impeachment and removal from office.

Challenging establishment policies or appearing to do it assures making enemies. 

Trump’s main offenses were prevailing over establishment Republicans, defeating Hillary, challenging Obama’s deplorable legacy, and rhetorically wanting improved relations with Russia.

It made him a target for removal from office - likely either to succeed or leave him too weak to serve effectively, his deplorable agenda so far aside, discussed in other articles with more to come.

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