Friday, March 03, 2017

Will Trump Try Ousting Venezuelan President Maduro?

Will Trump Try Ousting Venezuelan President Maduro?

by Stephen Lendman

Previous Bush/Cheney and Obama administration regime change efforts failed.

Washington considered Hugo Chavez a regional enemy. The same goes for current President Nicolas Maduro. 

It wants him toppled, a US-installed puppet replacing him, Bolivarian fairness ended, state-owned enterprises privatized, and control gained over Venezuelan enormous oil reserves, the world’s largest, including heavy and extra-heavy oil.

Since Maduro became president in 2013, Washington waged economic war, wanting Venezuela destabilized, causing shortages of basic goods, harming ordinary people most, high inflation exacerbating things, along with manipulated violent anti-government protests.

On Tuesday, the US Senate unanimously passed “S. Res. 35  - A resolution expressing profound concern about the ongoing political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, urging the release of political prisoners, and calling for respect of constitutional and democratic processes, including free and fair elections” - code language, urging regime change.

The measure heads for certain House passage, Trump sure to sign it, perhaps authorizing US intervention to topple Maduro - incrementally with stiffer sanctions and harsher economic war or swifter measures to remove him.

The resolution affirms support for OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro’s call to invoke the organization’s Inter-American Democratic Charter - principles most of its member states defiled for decades, serving their own interests and Washington’s, playing a dominant role through financial, military and other material aid.

Since its 1948 founding, OAS history has been sordid. Almagro urged taking action against Venezuela last year, demanding Maduro be “immediately” removed from office. Other Latin American leaders accused him of overreach.

S. Res. 35 calls for “provid(ing) full support for OAS efforts in favor of constitutional and democratic solutions to the political impasse and to instruct federal agencies to hold officials of the Venezuelan government accountable for violations of US law and abuses of internationally recognized human rights.”

It barely stops short of urging  regime change - longstanding US practice to replace sovereign independent governments with US vassal ones.

Disturbing conditions in Venezuela were externally created, exacerbated by low oil prices. According to co-resolution sponsor/ranking Democrat Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Ben Cardin, “(t)he longer President Maduro and his government remain intransigent (sic) in their backward, law-breaking positions (sic), the longer the Venezuelan people will suffer.z’

On Thursday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a meeting, titled “Venezuela: Options for US Policy.”

The only ones under consideration are slow-motion or more rapid steps for regime change.

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