Monday, April 10, 2017

Fake News Reports Claim Assad Used White Phosphorous and Napalm

Fake News Reports Claim Assad Used White Phosphorous and Napalm

by Stephen Lendman

Trump’s Friday aggression on Syria was likely prelude for more to come - based on fabricated pretexts.

Phony accusations are easy to make and stick when media scoundrels report them like Pentagon press releases.

Trump’s approval rating rose from 36 - 41% after Friday’s attack. Most Americans likely believe fake news fed them, ignoring what’s most obvious.

Why would Assad attack his own people he’s been defending for over six years? Why would he shoot himself in the foot? 

Why would he give Washington a pretext to intervene against him? Why would he destroy his legitimacy? Why would he give the West an excuse to pursue regime change?

Why would he jeopardize his government’s survival? Why would he do anything other than focus entirely on defeating US-supported terrorism - allied with Russia and Iran for a just cause?

He had nothing to do with the April 4 Khan Sheikhoun CW attack. No evidence suggests otherwise. Accusations against him are Big Lies.

So is other fake news circulating on social media, falsely accusing him of using incendiary white phosphorous and napalm terror weapons - giving Trump a pretext for follow-up attacks.

A special G7 summit was called to discuss ongoing conflict in Syria, foreign ministers meeting in Lucca, Italy - Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Jordan participating.

Reportedly, Tillerson will be asked to clarify Trump administration policy on Syria - earlier saying Syrians will decide Assad’s future, then saying he must go, signaling “steps…under way” to remove him.

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said the special session was called to prevent a “dangerous military escalation” in Syria following Trump’s aggression.

An unnamed senior European diplomat said “Americans…are navigating aimlessly in the dark.”

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for “very punitive sanctions” on Russia for continuing its support for Syria, not explaining its aerial operations are combating terrorism, its officials urging international cooperating in defeating this scourge.

America’s war on humanity continues, Trump no different from his deplorable predecessors.

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