Sunday, April 02, 2017

Gratuitous Trump Bashing Ignores Hillary's Crimes

Gratuitous Trump Bashing Ignores Hillary’s Crimes

by Stephen Lendman

Valid criticism is warranted. Media scoundrels focus on unjustifiable Trump and Russia bashing. 

Facts don’t interfere with their agenda. What’s most important to explain is suppressed. Presstitution substitutes for responsible journalism.

Today’s NYT and Washington Post editions resemble all other days, featuring deplorable rubbish, not real news and information. Some examples accessed on their Sunday pages:

The NYT:

“Trump Couple, Now Officials, Can’t Escape Conflict Laws” - referring Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

“Flynn Failed to Disclose Income Linked to Russia” - nor did Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and likely other Democrats, information The Times suppresses.

“Pick Your Favorite Ethics Offender” - claiming the White House is up for sale, used for “personal gain.”

Trump and his family aside, already super-rich, isn’t that what politics is all about, Republicans, Democrats and their cronies enriching and empowering themselves at the public’s expense?

“Manhood in the Age of Trump” - claiming he “feels the most manly…when…salivating over women and styling himself as some conquistador of the flesh…”

Disgusting stuff not fit to print or read, typical NYT rubbish.

“Trump Is A Chinese Agent” - hack columnist Thomas Friedman’s days earlier article, calling the president more Beijing “agent” than “Russian stooge,” ludicrously claiming his trade policy aims “to make China great again.”

Lots more trash infests Times’ pages daily, deplorable stuff unfit to print or read.

CIA-connected WaPo matches its rubbish. Some examples from today and days earlier:

“Trump’s failing presidency has the GOP in a free fall.” Succeeding or failing can’t be judged from 10 weeks in office.

“Donald Trump’s joyless presidency” - largely bashing him for correctly calling media scoundrels “dishonest.”

“Trump’s Washington means civil war - for both parties” - claiming today’s political climate is unlike any in recent memory fails to explain how Trump is bashed the way Nixon was wrongfully treated late in his presidency.

In Sunday’s edition and days earlier, numerous NYT and WaPo Trump bashing articles were featured over real news, information and analysis - considered heresy to publish.

During the presidential campaign, Hillary’s high crimes were suppressed. Instead, media scoundrels provided press agent services for a war criminal, racketeer, perjurer - Trump relentless bashed, a disgusting display of partisanship, journalism the way it should be out-the-window.

A previous article discussed Judicial Watch’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s controversial 2010 uranium deal with Russia.

Hillary used her secretary of state position for profit-making. Media scoundrels ignored what demanded feature articles.

On March 29, Judicial Watch “released 1,184 pages of State Department records, including previously unreleased Hillary Clinton email exchanges, revealing additional instances of (Huma) Abedin and Hillary Clinton sending classified information through unsecured email accounts and contributors being given special access to the former secretary of state.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton commented, saying “(t)hese emails are yet more evidence of Hillary Clinton’s casual and repeated violations of laws relating to the handling of classified information.”

“The Justice Department should finally begin an independent investigation into the Clinton email matter.”

Is it likely? No. Will Bill and Hillary Clinton be held accountable for numerous criminal activities? Not ahead if not so far - nor Obama for eight years of high crimes as president.

Instead, expect continued efforts to delegitimize and undermine Trump for the wrong reasons. America’s deplorable state keeps getting worse.

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