Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Syria Falsely Blamed for Sarin Gas Attack in Idlib Province

Syria Falsely Blamed for Sarin Gas Attack in Idlib Province

by Stephen Lendman

Numerous times before, Syria was falsely blamed for toxic chemical weapons attacks by US-supported terrorists.

On Tuesday, Reuters said “(a) suspected gas attack by Syrian government or Russian jets killed at least 35 people, including nine children, in the northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday” - citing the pro-Western so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

On April 4, it reported 58 deaths in Idlib province, including at least 11 children, saying:

A Khan Shaykhun city neighborhood “was bombed with material believed to be gases which caused suffocation and other symptoms, like intense breathing secretion, iris shrinkage, pail, general spasm, and other symptoms appeared on the injured people.”

The incident happened days after Syrian forces were falsely accused of using “toxic substances” in Hama province.

Accusations about government use of chemical weapons are “devoid of truth,” Syria’s military explains, each time these incidents occur.

No evidence indicates Syrian or Russian responsibility for these type attacks. Plenty indicates culpability of US-supported terrorists.

The latest attack injured dozens more, the death toll likely to rise. It was timed with the start of a two-day EU/UN conference on Syria’s future in Brussels.

US and Russian representatives are attending. EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini lied, claiming Western countries “support th(e) political process. We are there to help the Syrians. We have never bombed Syria.”

America and NATO allies terror-bomb Syria daily, massacring civilians. They reject diplomatic conflict resolution, want pro-Western rule replacing Syrian sovereign independence.

That’s what over six years of US-instigated aggression is all about. Russian-led diplomatic talks to end conflict so far failed.

Current ones in Geneva and Astana, Kazakhstan are faring no better than earlier rounds. Endless war continues.

A Final Comment

Hours after the Idlib chemical weapons attack, the hospital treating victims was terror-bombed - a US-led coalition speciality, Russia and/or Syria wrongfully blamed each time after these incidents occur.

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