Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Despicable Anti-Palestinian Pizza Hut Ad

Despicable Anti-Palestinian Pizza Hut Ad

by Stephen Lendman

Corporate rapaciousness is scandalous for numerous reasons. Pizza Hut-Israel stooped to a new low.

Complicit with Israel Army Radio and Islamophobic internal security minister Gilad Erdan, it despicably mocked Palestinian political prisoner, hunger strike leader, Palestinian national hero Marwan Barghouti.

On Facebook, it posted an Israeli Prison Service fake video image, purporting to show Barghouti eating cookies and a candy bar, not hunger-striking.

Superimposed was a text reading “Barghouti, if you’re going to break a strike, why not pizza.” It showed an image of a Pizza Hut box, popping from under a bunk bed and a pizza slice placed in a wash basin.

Pizza Hut International pulled the post, apologized for its offensiveness, called it inappropriate, but the damage was done.

Israeli media jumped on it, pretending fake video footage showed Barghouti eating.

The Jerusalem Post headlined “Watch: Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Barghouti Allegedly caught eating” - failing to expose the fabrication.

In an article about Barghouti, the Times of Israel said “(o)n Sunday, Israeli authorities distributed video footage purporting to show Barghouti secretly eating in his cell. In the video, he can be seen apparently unwrapping food in his prison cell and eating it in his toilet stall.”

It added his “wife and other Palestinian officials dismissed the video as fake and an attempt to break the hunger strikers.”

Haaretz despicably headlined “Hunger Strike Leader Barghouti Eaten Alive on Social Media After Tape Shows Him Snacking in Secret.” 

No he didn’t, but the broadsheet didn’t explain. The headline said it all, promoting Israeli propaganda, mocking Palestine’s Mandela.

So did Haaretz editors, disgracefully accepting the ruse as factual, saying prison authorities “gave (Barghouti) cookies and candy…deploy(ing) cameras (to) provide the public with a feast of collective humiliation…(showing him) sneaking cookie crumbs from above the toilet seat in his cell…” 

Haaretz and other Israeli media failed to explain prison service footage was fake - as phony as claiming Russia hacked last year’s US presidential election and interfered with France’s.

Big Lies and other disinformation repeated enough always drowns out hard truths.

On Wednesday, Palestinians called for boycotting Pizza Hut worldwide for mocking Barghouti, siding with Israeli viciousness, and ignoring what the mass hunger strike is all about.

The Global BDS movement called for boycotting the company, a statement saying:

Its “mockery of leaders of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for freedom and dignity adds insult to deep injury. We support grassroots Palestinian calls for a worldwide boycott of Pizza Hut, especially in the Arab world.”

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