Saturday, May 06, 2017

Israel Considers Force-Feeding Palestinian Hunger Strikers

Israel Considers Force-Feeding Palestinian Hunger Strikers

by Stephen Lendman

Force-feeding is torture, banned by the World Medical Association, saying it violates fundamental medical ethics.

When accompanied by threats, coercion, force, and use of physical restraints, it’s considered inhuman and degrading treatment.

The procedure is barbaric. Strikers are painfully shackled to restraint chairs, held for up to two hours. Masks cover their mouths.

Without sedatives or anesthesia, complicit doctors snake 61cm or longer tubes through the nose of prisoners to their stomachs, an excruciating procedure. A Guantanamo detainee called it “torture, torture, torture.”

It continues until a chest x-ray or test dose of water confirms it’s properly in place. When feeding ends, victims are placed in dry cells, no water permitted. 

Guards observe them up to an hour for any indications of vomiting or attempts to induce vomiting. If it occurs, the procedure is repeated.

Force-feeding of around 1.5 liters of formula is generally repeated twice daily, bloating stomachs, causing severe pain, blood and stomach bile covered tubes used on one prisoner to another with no proper sanitation.

Barbarians alone would subject anyone to this treatment. Israeli doctors refuse to violate medical ethics, banning physicians from administering it.

Israel reportedly may import foreign ones willing to do it. In response, mass Palestinian hunger strike leaders called for a “week of rage,” saying:

Our people should unleash their anger and clash uninterruptedly with the Israeli occupation at seam zones.” 

They should “blockade Israeli embassies all over the world and continue to organize rallies and sit-ins and to crowd in sit-in tents in Palestinian cities and villages.”

“Any attempt to force-feed any hunger-striking prisoner will be treated as an attempt to execute prisoners. We will turn these prisons into battle fields with our bodies, armed with our will and determination.” 

“We count on our people, along with the Arab and Islamic nations, and all the free people of the world to stand by our side.”

They urged Palestinian and other Arab doctors to launch a worldwide campaign, warning Israeli physicians of severe consequences for “involvement in the crime of force-feeding prisoners.”

Israel’s Supreme Court disgracefully ruled it legal, siding with viciousness over justice. Palestinian Prisoners Committee head Issa Qaraqe said “any doctor of any nationality (who) takes part in force-feeding hunger-striking prisoners” will face legal action.

He urged all countries not to send doctors to Israel for this purpose. In its 20th day, hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners are using their only means of resistance - their bodies and will to protest Israeli brutality.

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