The Best Apps for New Android Phone 2022

 Many people who buy a new phone first log into their email accounts and install the social media and communication apps they use. After that, it's time for applications that will make the phone more efficient and replace the default options. We've rounded up some of the best apps you can install for your new Android phone

Google Files

Google Files is one of the apps that should come pre-installed on Android devices. Thanks to the application, it is easy to see which file takes up how much space on the device or the downloaded files can be found quickly. A simple file browser, Google Files makes it easy to use the phone in an organized way.


Clue makes it easy for women to track their menstrual cycles and predict the time of their next period. With the application, it also allows to track energy level, sexual activity and other details related to the menstrual cycle. Being transparent about data usage also adds value to Clue.


Dark Sky was pulled from Android after it was acquired by Apple . RainViewer stands out as the most powerful application to fill the void of Dark Sky for Android users. RainViewer draws attention with its success in instant rain forecasting.

Microsoft Edge

Almost all Android phones come with Google Chrome installed. In many phones , it is possible to find the manufacturer's default internet browser . However, there are other browser options that promise a comfortable experience for Android users. Microsoft Edge is also in this group. With features such as having the tab switcher at the bottom of the screen, built-in anti-follow options, and being able to quickly find a certain word on the page, Microsoft Edge makes the job of Android users significantly easier.


VSCO can be defined as both a photo editing application and a kind of social network where photos are shared. One of the first platforms that come to mind for photo editing for many years, VSCO is a must-have application for every device with its filters and simple editing tools.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts still remains one of the most useful podcast listening apps. Podcasts' focus on cover art makes Pocket Casts easy and fun to use. The discovery screen of the application also facilitates the discovery of new content.


JustWatch is not an app that works perfectly. But it is quite functional for those who want to keep track of what they are watching on different online platforms. In addition, JustWatch is very useful in learning which content is available on which platform. The application can also suggest content in line with subscribed services.


For those who receive a lot of e-mail notifications, Outlook can be the savior. The app's "priority" inbox brings together emails that are really important to users. Notifying you of important e-mails with notification, Outlook makes it easy to ignore promotional messages or unwanted e-mails.


Pocket has long remained the most popular choice among “read later” services. With its handy interface, the application provides regular access to the recorded stories to be read later.

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