The best iOS games – Januari 2022

The games in the iOS App Store ensure you have enough fun no matter what. Whether it's an arcade game or an endless survival game or a futuristic AR game, you can find hundreds or even thousands of games in any category. In addition, hundreds of new games are added to the App Store every week, and it doesn't seem possible to try them all one by one and find the best one. In the best iOS games July 2022 list, we list 10 iOS games worth playing on the App Store. You can find games from puzzle, arcade, war, thriller, thriller and other genres in the list.

one Brutal Hockey

Have you ever played Ice Hockey before? Brutal Hockey isn't exactly a properly portrayed Ice Hockey game, but it gives you the adrenaline rush as if you were one of the players waiting to blow up the rink. The game promises instant action in Ice Hockey and the adaptive AI function also changes the difficulty level according to your game. There are a total of 45 trophies to win, plus 5 factions to compete for the biggest victory or to go home. Get power ups and perks by completing levels, or master one-on-one ice hockey skills in endless mode and compete on a global leaderboard.

2nd Star Wars: KOTOR

If you're a Star Wars fan, Star Was: KOTOR is the perfect RPG game for you. The game begins 4000 years before the Galactic Empire, where you are tasked with leading your team to save the galaxy from its incredible apocalypse. Follow the instructions and embark on your journey to master the power of the light side or follow your way through the dark side's fast hole. Choose what you want to do, and your story will change based on your actions. Visit iconic locations like the Jedi Enclave above Dantooine and others. You can sneak out or fight with a lightsaber, or embark on a pirate mechanic spree to escape the uneventful apocalypse.

3 Stack AR

Don't want to play any random 3D stacking games? Then try Stack AR . This game uses augmented reality to transform the 3D game concept into AR concept. Your task is to stack blocks in augmented reality and you can play the game wherever you want. Point the camera at a flat surface and let the app detect the plane, then let the magic begin. You will love this basic but futuristic AR game. You can also compare your scores with others on a global level and compete with them.

4 Words With Friends

Do you love Scrabble? Then you'll like Words With Friends too. This game is a popular word game that you can play with a few friends by creating words and winning prizes. It's a hit game for those who like to have fun with tons of weekly challenges, including a time sensitive "Spin the Clock" mode. You can also use the helpful tool called Word Radar. The app supports 6 languages ​​including Italian, German, British English and more. The Smart Clock feature connects you with people of similar skill to maintain fair play. There are ads in the game, but you can get rid of them with the Pro version.

5 Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon takes your spaceship on an all-encompassing journey that will save it from oncoming walls. With electronic background music playing in the background and nail-biting experience, this is an endless survival game. Your task is to escape through the gaps in the closing walls, and this continues until you die or until a new level or arena is unlocked in the game that you must pass through. This seems impossible at first, but once you start, this game looks like it will be such an intoxicating and addictive game that you can't stop recommending it to others.

6 Far From Noise

This game gets you nowhere and actually your old car is stuck on the edge of the cliff with no way to go. The game uses dynamic dialogues as the day progresses, turning into night filled with a quiet and surreal experience. You can interact with a variety of creatures and exchange a rich landscape with conversations that look and feel calming in the background. An all-encompassing original soundtrack by Geoff Lentin is also available in-game. The game has multiple endings depending on the choices you make.

7 Sorcery! 4

Sorcery , one of the best RPG games of 2016 ! It's the fourth game in the 4 series, but you don't need to have played the first three games. This game pushes the boundaries with a pure narrative adventure where death cheats in a magical 3D world where you battle strange creatures, defend powerful spells. You can enter the Monster Castle, discover hidden magic and spells, play for survival and achieve great success. The game has multiple endings, so no matter what decision you make, a different ending will come up based on your choice.


The game is based on a girl named Gris who is dealing with a painful experience in her life and is lost in her own world. The play shows her in her grief manifested in her dress. As the game progresses, Gris grows emotionally as he moves through the story. The game also has detailed animation, giving a calm experience with original background music. With optional skill-based challenges and more, GRIS is an astonishing game with chapters that unfold as you progress. Fine controls and gorgeous graphics shouldn't be forgotten either.

9 Metal Madness

With best-of- breed graphics, Metal Madness will entice you to play more games. This isn't the kind of car racing game you always come across. Allows you to mount plasma guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, Tesla guns, and other high-tech weapons that you can use to destroy and knock down your opponent's cars. Choose from 12 detailed vehicles, from agile sports cars to battle tanks and even retro atomic-powered cars. This is a PvP game where your survival is very important and your leadership skills will be tested. Unlock challenging game modes and crush your opponents with the best weapons. Gain power and do much more.

10 Garena Free Fire: Rampage

Garena Free Fire is a popular combat and survival combat game with a 10-minute gameplay set on a remote island. Similar to PUBG Mobile , the game has 50 players landing on a remote island. A single player has to compete with 49 other players. Look for weapons, stay in the game zone, kill your opponents and loot as you master the skills. Try to win after 10 minutes. The game is open 24/7. Enjoy realistic graphics and much more.

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